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Planning a website application

We’ve all been there. It’s meeting time, you had all these great ideas for the new web project and someone, somewhere in the room is asserting loudly their grand idea of using fifty tabs, twenty frames and stock photography of the whitest toothed execs they can find. This is how they see it ‘working out’ and […]

Why web design is functional

A small exploration into the definition of a function and its impact on website design and why functionalism is the way to go from a fundamental perspective; including additional insight on why web design cannot be considered art.

In Defense of “Form Follows Function”

A small analysis and critique discussing the merits of the principle of “Form Follows Function” in web design. The first article in a mini-series of two articles, which, hopefully will showcase why the principle is still applicable currently.

Join Us: Senior Web Developer wanted!

mcDigital is looking for a lead backend developer, which will grow our small team of in-house developers, manage and mentor them as well as support the project management team during strategy development.